Braiscoin (BRAIn ssystem COIN) is an innovative digital currency project that aims to revolutionize the financial market. It uses blockchain technology to ensure security, privacy and transparency for investors. Furthermore, Braiscoin is based on the PoS protocols of the digital currency Dash and LPoS by Waves, which is a more secure and efficient way to validate transactions on the blockchain.

Braiscoin is aimed at investors who seek to have total and decentralized control over their money and guarantee safe returns. With Braiscoin, investors no longer need to depend on intermediaries, be they financial institutions, companies or individuals. The coin allows investors to validate transactions and receive rewards for their participation in the network.

Braiscoin's PoS and LPoS protocols offer a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional ways of validating blockchain transactions. Instead of using computational power to solve complex equations, as in the PoW (Proof of Work) protocol, Braiscoin's PoS uses the property of a specific amount of coins to validate transactions.

Braiscoin's blockchain technology allows investors to ensure the security and privacy of their information and funds. Transactions carried out on Braiscoin are recorded transparently and securely on the blockchain, without the need for intermediaries. In addition, Braiscoin offers an additional layer of security through cryptography, which guarantees the privacy of transactions.